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Coffee or Die Executive Editor and Former Army Ranger Marty Skovlund Talks Journalism and Transition

Marty Skovlund joins the Sword & Pen podcast for a season two bonus episode to discuss his thoughts on journalism and how veterans fit into the space. The big takeaway? Try really hard and don't quit. Marty is the Executive Editor at Coffee or Die Magazine. Read more about him here: Learn more about MVJ and become a member here:


From Active to Reserves

Many service members contemplate switching branches or components throughout their time in the military. The question of switching from the National Guard to the reserves, or active duty to a reserve component can be a difficult decision to make — especially when information on transitioning isn’t always easy to find. Each component within each branch of service offers very different opportunities that could make the difference in the overall happiness and fulfillment of a career.

Modernizing Your Leasing Strategy in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has forced the commercial real estate industry to adapt and overcome a number of challenges. From the management of buildings to tenant relationships, landlords have had to learn how to balance the fundamentals of CRE with emerging technology in order to weather this storm. In this virtual fireside chat, VTS VP of Solutions Consulting Andrew de Geofroy and Lionstone Investments COO & Head of Portfolio Management Tom Paterson discuss how to modernize your leasing strategy for the post-C